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Gordon grew up on the North Island of New Zealand. During his last year of High School, his family moved to Masterton, close by the Tararua Range. It was there that he became familiar with its peaks, trails and hiking huts, and also the beautiful Wairarapa District. In 1968, Gordon was married to Tricia, the love of his life. There have been many strands to his life, including school teacher, computer consultant, cab driver, missionary, …. The latter began when Gordon and Tricia joined Youth with a Mission, working in Primary Health Care and Counseling. They were based in Hawaii for several years, moving out from there to minister in Asia and South America. After returning to home base in New Zealand, God called them a few years later to move to the US, where Gordon completed his qualification in Marriage and Family Therapy. They live in Connecticut, not far from their daughter and grandson, though at a much greater leap to their son in Melbourne Australia.