Is your life hindered because of emotional pain? If you have suffered from the feeling of being unloved, I encourage you to read this book. God placed on my heart years ago to write this book. He even gave me the name of the book. I was very hesitant to write this book, because I felt fear relating to reliving all that pain I tried so hard to forget.

~ Ingrid Charles Martijn ~

Kerry J. Lebrun

Joyce Gottier

Josh Knipple

Joyce married the love of her life in 1961 and was a stay-at-home mom to their three daughters for seventeen years. She worked in travel and business for many years before returning to school to pursue a 22-year career in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. Joyce has been involved in the music and ministry of Union Church in Rockville, Connecticut for more than fifty-seven years, including leadership of Bible Studies and Women’s Retreats. Now retired, Joyce and her husband live in Connecticut where she remains devoted to her family, including eight grandchildren. Writing has always been a passion. Her memoir is her first published work.

​​​ "I grew up in an environment of extreme emotional trauma, including repeated rape by my father from age 2, as well as various types of emotional abuse. This set the stage for further abuse, as well as for developing severe and debilitating PTSD, drug addiction, eating disorders, depression, and other mental strongholds. Though I became a Christian at age 19, my freedom was gravely limited due to my past. After many years of struggling, while watching my condition grow worse and worse, I concluded that I was simply too damaged for God to fix me in this lifetime. However, that conclusion was erroneous! In the end, my eyes were finally opened to see that the answer for all the ills of humanity were completely and sufficiently addressed at the Cross of Christ 2000 years ago! The moment my heart began to grasp what Jesus accomplished through his death, burial and resurrection on my behalf, was when chain after chain began to fall of from my mind, heart and life. In this book I share many of the revelations that were given to my by the Holy Spirit through various dreams, visions, visitations and downloads, which ultimately unveiled my eyes to Christ's Finished Work and lead me from a fragmented state to one of wholeness. This account of my Christ-led journey to freedom includes how He even transformed the very traumatic memories themselves, within a remarkable 2 1/2 months, ultimately halting the PTSD altogether! In short, there is no such thing as hopeless for those who grasp and embrace Jesus and what He did on our behalf!


We make the world and world does not make us. We are born ready to be. If the world is broken, that is ok; we will fix it, for we are not broken. If the world is chaotic, it is ok, there is nothing to fear, for we have peace, and we can stabilize matters. The lord is our shepherd and we shall not want. He gives us all power and authority, which is in the knowledge of the word of God, to be the sons of God, to manage the affairs of the world; therefore, fear not! We have all that it takes, and more. Before time ever began, we were already, so what is it that can surprise us in time. We have the power to know the end from the beginning. Although we walk through the valley of the shadow of death in this world, we will fear nothing, for life is already with us. Let us therefore, stand together as one people, in one world for one God, who is eternal life.

Ingrid Charles Martijn

I  am not going to try and pretend that I have figured anything out when it comes to faith and am still learning a lot of these lessons myself but one thing God has taught me is that we need to share what we are learning with others.  Over the past few years God has taught me within the church, thru being a pastor, he has taught me what it means to do outreach at a skate park.  He has taught me what it means to love the untouchables at a homeless and broken diner in town, and he has taught me what it means to just be real with people and how building relationships with people is one of the most important things there is in this world.  Being in ministry he has taught me some of the goods of faith but also some of the downfalls.  But none of this would be possible without Christ.  He is the one and only, and the reason behind this book.

​​Ama Oforiwaa

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