Don't have the money to invest, but still want a part in bringing this to production? No problem! We have an Indiegogo Crowdfunding Site for My Name Is ...​ With a small donation of $10.00 to $ 100.00 you will receive rewards for your help in bringing this story to film. Receive a book,  MNI poem, jungle recipes and DVD of the film when it is released. Be the among the first to see the Film.

To sign up please call:

Jason Ravizza at 413-478-4895

Ron Bennett at 413-272-3301

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An interview with  Director  Jason Campbell

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We are currently actively fund raising for the production of four films. If you wish to take part in investing in one or more projects please contact us at  413-272-3301 Ronald Bennett or, Jason Ravizza at 413-478-4895

My Name IS...

Abba Father Media, Inc. Film Productions in agreement with BMC Productions, LLC /  JC Films will begin production in the fall of 2018.

JC Films has successfully produced several faith friendly films including Nail 32,  Virtuous and more. Please see their website and do order some of their very fine films. Find them at: